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Samsung Omnia II I8000 smartphone (touch screen, 5MP camera, Windows Mobile) various colours

Powerful, individual and always in contact.
The Samsung Omnia II I8000 is the perfect multifunctional phone and leaves nothing to be desired. Intuitively operable, the touchscreen phone with 8 GB of memory offers plenty of scope for individualists and uniqueness. The Windows Mobile®6.5 * based smartphone provides uninterrupted access to e-mail, calendar information, and contacts. Thanks to data turbo WLAN, HSDPA and HSUPA, it is rapidly becoming a mobile office. All major office applications are available at all times. Even after work, the elegant SmartphoneOmniaII I8000 is far from over. With a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player and preloaded 3D games, the smartphone always looks great. The Samsung Omnia II I8000 always in touch, always efficient.
* In other countries, this product ships with Windows Mobile 6.1.

See everything - everywhere
Hard to believe, but true: the modern ultra-brilliant 9.4 cm (3.7-inch) AMOLED display of the Omnia II. You have a world of breathtaking luminescence and vivid, eye-catching colors in your hand. With WVGA resolution, you can view web pages, photos, and videos with overwhelming clarity. It does not matter where you are - the Omnia II's high-quality display provides a clear display even in direct sunlight. If you do not hold it in your hands, you would never believe your eyes.

It can easily be manipulated. In a positive sense.
Have you ever been betrayed by your own fingers as you navigate your touch screen? The Omnia II keeps frustration away from you with bigger icons and a simpler layout for an ultra-optimal user experience. The innovative Cube and 3D user interfaces are not only practical, but also much funnier, making multitasking easier than ever. The modern touch technology of the Omnia II provides a lightning-fast touch response.

A lot of power for intensive use
The Omnia II includes multi-codec support for easy file conversion. You can also save energy throughout the day. The phone comes with a 1500 mAh replaceable battery for extra-long battery life and advanced multimedia usage, so you can store a virtual treasure trove of content on the go. The Omnia II comes through for you at any time: with a standby time of 430 hours and a talk time of 10 hours.

There is an office application in your hands.
View and edit documents with Microsoft Office, seamlessly receive up-to-the-minute emails, and customize your mobile office with third-party applications of your choice. You can maximize your mobile office experience with a WM 6.5 update at home.

Enter the game with the Omnia II.
Take a break from your mobile office and visit the arcade. The Omnia II integrates touch and motion sensitive games, such as Asphalt 4, Crayon Physics and Dice, so you do not work too hard. Choose from a variety of games and stay at home and on the move on the ground.

Capture every perfect moment - perfect
The Omnia II is equipped with a 5 MP Dual Power LED camera that delivers stunning photos. The shots of laughing people, panoramic pictures, action and mosaic pictures get you always right in the picture. You can also record the highlights of a lifetime as impressive, DVD-like (480p) video. State-of-the-art video editing tools give you the power to make them perfect.

Follow the phone.
Imagine, you are lost. Trust the Omnia II. With the car and pedestrian maps, you will find your way, no matter how many times you have turned in a circle. You can use the real 3D view with orientation aids to accurately identify specific positions. The modern guide provides helpful information, making the journey child's play.

In short: what Amoled is and how the technology works

AMOLED is the abbreviation for the English term "Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode" and translates in German as "organic light emitting diodes with active matrix" translate. In simple terms, these are electronic components in which organic LEDs are brought to self-luminous when a voltage is applied. In contrast, liquid crystals that are used in conventional mobile phone displays ultimately only serve as a colored filter for light and therefore require additional backlighting.

Currently, the next-generation displays are even more expensive to produce. Again, that precious has its price, so that the incomparably better image impression of the new displays will initially be reserved only selected models of mobile phones in the upper and middle price segment. In addition to the significantly better image quality, AMOLED displays impress with a number of outstanding physical properties that influence factors such as design, energy efficiency and temperature behavior. More in the following section.

AMOLED for the better
Advantages of AMOLED displays at a glance

1. High contrast for crisp images
AMOLED displays can boast with a perceived contrast ratio of an incredible 10,000: 1. In direct comparison, TFT LCD displays - with a contrast value of just 300: 1 - look almost bleached out. Consequently, AMOLED displays ensure perfect contrasts and an extremely sharp image impression.
2. Large color gamut, detailed grayscale presentation
In addition to a much higher contrast range spoiled an AMOLED display with much vivid colors than a conventional display - the perceived color brilliance is up to 40% higher. With the result: The image quality is of impressive color freshness and realistic nuance richness.
3. Fast response time, regardless of the ambient temperature
Due to their crystalline structure, conventional LCD displays tend to display the contents noticeably delayed in the cold or heat with motion blur and trailing effects. In contrast, AMOLED displays are immune. Switching images works incredibly 20 times faster than standard LCDs. So currently up to 240 images per second can be displayed constantly. The time of jerky videos and ghosting is finally over.

4. Compact, flat design
Current and future mobile phones accommodate significantly more powerful multimedia features than older generations of mobile phones, but must ensure both good battery life and a slim device design.
The self-lighting of the organic LEDs and the ability to apply the diodes extremely thinly on a carrier film, meet these two requirements with ease. Speaking of lightness: The design has a positive effect not only on the form factor but also on the weight. AMOLED displays are noticeably lighter because they do not require additional backlighting.
5. Free view
AMOLED displays have another clearly visible advantage: their color representation is independent of the viewing angle. While the viewing angle on standard LCDs should not exceed about 45 ° to the left and right before color falsification occurs, AMOLED displays expand the field of view to 160 °.
This allows - in the truest sense of the word - completely new views. For example, if you want to share pictures or videos with friends on the mobile phone screen and enjoy the AMOLED display, all of them with an unadulterated view.
6. Environmentally friendly
In addition to all these outstanding features, AMOLED displays are also extremely environmentally friendly: despite a significantly better display quality, an AMOLED display requires less energy. Because the display of an AMOLED mobile phone, on which the currently announced dark user interface is set, requires up to 42% less energy than a conventional display. The noticeable advantage: they are much longer with one battery charge. Samsung's quest for sustainable, environmentally friendly products is once again complied with.
The batteries have all been charged to warrant that they work.
"The devices are power on / off and tested for LCD functionality, including the battery and back cover.
The goods are used B-C-D goods. "

Power on / off tested means that the devices are checked to see if they can be turned on. In addition, the LCD is tested.
This offer is exclusively for commercial resellers. The sale is made as a special item expressly without warranty or return.
Sale under exclusion No warranty, no reduction, conversion or redemption.

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